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Ballarat Skip Hire

Ballarat Skip Hire aims to provide a friendly and efficient service to the Ballarat community. We take great pride in our town and enjoy driving the beautiful tree lined streets of Ballarat. We always take care to treat our customers, their property and our town with the utmost respect and enjoy our small part in keeping it pristine.

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Ballarat Skip Hire was started by Rob and Jeanette Duncanson. In 2022 they handed over operation of the Skip Hire business to their son and his wife Phil and Cathy Duncanson. 

Our Ant

Ants are able to carry huge amounts at one time - up to 50 times their own body weight!
They are one of the cleanest animals on earth, never leaving a trace behind, picking up every crumb in their path.
They are efficient and fast and always work together as a team.
The humble ant represents everything that Ballarat Skip Hire excels in through our service to the Ballarat region.


We know that whether you are building a house, renovating or cleaning out your garage or backyard that having a reliable waste service is essential to keeping your project running tidy and on time. Skip Hire may be a small part of your project but we understand its importance. We are committed to being punctual and putting your needs first so that your clean up stays on time and keeps your project running smoothly.

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